Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!


We produce 10 delicious wines from grapes grown on our rocky hilltop in Vermont’s Champlain Valley.  We make something for everyone—dry to sweet—entirely from grapes we grow in our 12-acre vineyard.
See all our wines below.

*Note:  our online store is currently under construction.  If you’d like to order wine, please call us at (802)-388-7368.
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Black Sparrow

Black Sparrow is a bright and lively dry white wine with grapefruit and honeysuckle notes and a crisp finish.

Suggested pairings: With seafood, poultry, pasta, or hearty veggie dishes. Serve chilled.

Varietals: Prairie Star & Louise Swenson, all grown in our own vineyard.

750 ml


La Crescent goldstrum


La Crescent

La Crescent is an aromatic white with vibrant flavors of pear, tart apple, and lemon.  It is semi-dry with a refreshing finish.  This wine will engage your taste buds completely– the La Crescent grape’s characteristic boldness makes it a great partner with boldly flavorful dishes.

Suggested pairings:  Over the summer, two restaurateurs and a winemaker from France came into our tasting room.  After tasting all our wines, they came back to La Crescent.  “It’s delicious, well-made, . Read More »


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Marquette 2012 is a robust dry red wine with smooth tannins and lingering flavors of black currant and black pepper.

Suggested pairings: With steaks, sausages, stews, and other hearty meals. Let it breathe well before enjoying, either with an aerator or by decanting in advance.

Varietal: Made from Marquette grapes grown in our own vineyard

Winemaker’s notes: The 2012 grape growing season here at Lincoln Peak was one of our best ever. The weather was . Read More »


RagRed_6615 sm

Ragtime Red

Over in the corner, the piano player is pounding out syncopated jazz.  The music’s hot; it makes you thirsty.  You catch the bartender’s eye.  Two glasses of wine, please, something cool, a little sweet, with bass notes of blackberry and plum.  Here it is.

Suggested pairings: Great for sipping on its own, or with barbeque, spicy sausage, and grilled pizzas.  We like it chilled in the warmer months.

Varietal: Made with Frontenac grapes grown in . Read More »


RagWhite_6603 sm

Ragtime White

The jazz is hot tonight. The piano player is making magic with his hands. The crowd is swaying and the wine is cold— a sweet tune with a luscious harmony of apricot and peach.

Suggested pairings: Ragtime White is delicious with spicy curries (especially Thai red curry) and other meals with a kick. We also enjoy it as an aperitif with robust cheese or rich paté, and with fruit desserts.

Varietal: Made from 100% La . Read More »


Harv rose


Late Harvest

Deliciously sweet, Late Harvest is rich with stunning apricot and orange notes, with honey undertones. Those big fruit flavors are balanced by bright citrus on the finish.

Late Harvest 2011 won a gold medal at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition in 2012.  With another year in the bottle, the flavors have become richer and smoother.

Suggested pairings: We enjoy it as an aperitif with robust cheese or rich pate. It’s equally delicious with fruit desserts . Read More »


Cassis group



Just Released   Have you ever tried a black currant wine? Our Cassis is a delicious, slightly sweet wine made from our own black currants. Black currants have a flavor unto themselves, and this wine is rich and deep.

Suggested pairings: Cassis makes a great dessert when you want something only moderately sweet, and it’s stunning with chocolate. One favorite: break up chocolate truffles, drench them in Cassis, and eat with a spoon. Mmm mm!

You . Read More »




Sold Out    Splitting logs of black cherry wood releases a wonderful aroma that came to mind the first time we tasted Heartwood out of the tank.  With notes of raspberry, it’s lively, bright, and a-little-but-not-too sweet.

Suggested pairings:  Chris recommends Heartwood with grilled salmon.  Sara likes it with spicy chicken salad and tabouleh.  Or with a flatbread with olive oil, herbs, cheese, and whatever veggies are fresh from your garden or the market.  Perfect for . Read More »


Sycamore_6552 sm



Sold Out    Sycamore is a round and smooth semi-sweet white wine with notes of white peach and spice, and a hint of vanilla.

Suggested pairings: With poultry, salmon, and creamy dishes.

Varietal:  Made from 60% Frontenac Gris and 40% Frontenac Blanc grapes grown in our vineyard. 750ml bottle.


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Nightfires Ice Wine

Sold Out   Nightfires is a true ice wine– made from frozen grapes harvested in December. It is a pure, classic ice wine with intense fruit flavors and layered sweetness well balanced by bright acidity.

Learn about how we make ice wine in this post about the Nov 2013 harvest and crush.

Suggested pairings: Nightfires can be dessert on its own, or with crème brulée, cheesecake, or aged cheese. Serve chilled.

Varietals: Made from Frontenac . Read More »


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