Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

On October 16, 2013, we released our latest vintage of our signature red wine, Marquette.  Marquette 2012 is a robust dry red wine with smooth tannins and lingering flavors of black currant and black pepper.  At our release party, we paired the wine with Vermont Salumi‘s Daily Grind, a fabulous combination of bold wine and the red-wine-and-garlic sausage of the Umbrian region of Italy.  If you weren’t able to join the festivities, stop by our tasting room and we’ll pour you a taste!


Winemaker’s notes:
The 2012 grape growing season here at Lincoln Peak was one of our best ever. The weather was hot and dry (enough) – just the way grapes like it. The harvest came early, and the crop was plump, juicy, sweet, and full of flavor. As farmers, it was odd to have nothing to complain about; sometimes we even felt a strange urge to smile.


For our Marquette crop, it was a Goldilocks year: not too big, not too small. These grapes were full of promise. We made some changes to our winemaking technique – different yeast, cooler fermentation temperatures, gentler pressing – that we thought would bring out their best. As we tasted the barrels as the wine aged through the winter, it all seemed good. Finally, in late August, the wine came out of the barrels and into the bottles. Now that it’s had a month and more to settle down, it’s time to open the bottles and start drinking. This vintage has more depth and concentration than we’ve seen in Marquette wines before. It’s delicious now, and it has all kinds of aging potential. We hope you’ll visit us, and have a taste. You may feel the urge to smile, too.

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