Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

After nearly six months’ aging, our wines are reaching a new level of maturity.  Early on– even after fermentation has finished– wine tastes young, unfinished, and unrefined.  But now, flavors have balanced and coalesced.  Tanks have settled and the wine has clarified.  It’s not quite ready for bottle yet, but we’re able to taste it and make final decisions about how we’ll blend the different tanks.

On Tuesday, Chris, Roxanne, and I tasted each of the different batches of La Crescent, and tried different combinations to find the best wine.  Each tank has slightly different flavors, and some have more residual sugar (natural sweetness left after fermentation) than others.  We’re thrilled by the quality we tasted even at this early date, and we’re very pleased with the blends we tried for La Crescent and Ragtime White.

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