Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

You may have visions of us through the summer, sipping wine on the porch while the fish jump in the pond and crickets chirp quietly.  I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but growing grapes involves less wine drinking than you might think.

Instead, we spend the mid-summer days “shoot positioning.”  Grape clusters, in order to ripen perfectly, need sunlight but grapevines grow willy-nilly, shading the clusters with their extra shoots and leaves.  (Sometimes, I think the vines are willfully doing their darndest to hide the grapes from the sun.)

So we work through the vineyard– row by row, vine by vine– pulling the shoots from their tangled mess to grow straight down.  We touch nearly every shoot of every vine growing on our farm.  It makes a big difference– the difference between unripe fruit (which makes bad wine) and the perfectly ripened grapes we hope to harvest each fall.

See the “before” and “after” pictures below.  Click a thumbnail for the slideshow.


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