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Pruning. That’s the answer to what happens in a Vermont vineyard in the wintertime. Roxanne has done the lion’s share this season, working methodically through each block. If you look really closely at the first picture, below you might spot her signature orange had in the distance. She’s working on the Louise Swenson vines in that far block.

Last year’s growth– the shoots from 2014– have served their purpose. Last season, they grew long (4-10 feet, depending on grape variety and conditions), produced leaves, ripened grape clusters, and ripened the buds that will grow this season.

In winter pruning, we leave just enough of those buds to produce new shoots this year. The rest is pruned off (see below). The cycle repeats every year.

Read more about grapevine balance in this post from January 2014.


Except for the few buds that remain on the vine, most of Marquette’s 2014 growth is pruned off


Last year’s shoots await snow melt

La Crescent cordons are ready for spring- Lincoln Peak Vineyard

La Crescent cordons are ready for spring


Do you think grapevines themselves were the inspiration for the first corkscrew design?


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