Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

“And for those who think that Virginia and New York have cornered the east coast market, listen up: Chris Granstrom’s Lincoln Peak Marquette is among the best red wines made on the east coast!

Carlo De Vito, a New York wine writer, wrote this on his blog East Coast Wineries on Nov 16 in a review of the recent book Wines of Vermont by Todd Trzaskos. He continued…

“For anyone looking for a California-style red made on the east coast, look no further than Lincoln Peak Marquette. If you want a big, California Syrah, you don’t need to burn all that fossil fuel to bring it east. You need to get your ass up to Vermont and drink a deep, Syrah-styled wine at 14.5% alcohol that has fruit and acidity and complexity and balance. A fantastic bottle of wine no matter where you think it’s from.”

Cheers to all our loyal supporters who know what Marquette is all about!

By lincolnpeak / 6:12 pm