Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

July 12, 2016

A group of wine writers visited Lincoln Peak Vineyard in June as part of Taste Camp and gave our wines some rave reviews. Here are a few of their thoughts:


On Limestone:

“At Lincoln Peak, the varietal La Crescent was good, but when blended with Frontenac Blanc for a wine they call “Limestone,” it shines bright. That wine is citrusy and faintly minerally.”

-Lenn Thompson, New York Cork Report


On Marquette:

Lincoln Peak Vineyard is a clear leader with the grape.”

-Lenn Thompson, New York Cork Report


On Starlight:

“Intense strawberry and raspberry. Maybe cranberry/red currant. Bone dry. Nice weight. Lovely and unique.

-Gina Shay, Petraea Plus


On all our wines:

“[Chris Granstrom’s] Marquette was a winner; a lovely, personable red that wasn’t overdone with oak. His blended and varietal whites all had freshening acidity and a range of fruit flavours that were appealing and well made. It was an impressive portfolio of wines.”
-Rick Vansickle,  Wines in Niagara


We were able to host this group of wine writers for lunch with generous support from our distributor Farrell Distributing. Thanks so very much!

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