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July 20, 2016

The black currants are ripe! As fresh fruit, they’re a little bit of an acquired taste– tangy, earthy, not too sweet. As Cassis wine, they’re absolutely delicious– a robust sweet/tart balance of fruitiness and richness, equally tasty on top of vanilla ice cream and with flour-less chocolate cake.

Lincoln Peak Vermont Kir sq


My favorite summertime way to enjoy Cassis is mixed with Black Sparrow in our Vermont Kir. Kir (“keer”), a traditional French wine cocktail of black currant Cassis and white wine, is a refreshing summer afternoon sipper. To make our kir, I mix 1 oz Cassis with 4 oz Black Sparrow for a glass that has the lively crispness of the Sparrow with a hint of sweetness and the fruity depth of the Cassis. Stop by and have a taste!


The 2015 vintage has been making people say “Mmmmmm!” since last December. The 2016 vintage started it’s journey toward wine today. Our crew harvested the whole lot this morning, and now Chris has set to work washing, crushing, and starting fermentation.

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