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Nov 30, 2016

Sara’s Gløgg (Mulled Wine)


1 bottle of Marquette Nouveau
1 orange, sliced into rounds
¼ cup honey or simple syrup, or other amount to your taste
1 whole cinnamon stick
4-8 whole cloves
2-3 whole cardamom pods
¼ cup raisins
a small square of cheesecloth and string


Pour one bottle of Marquette Nouveau into a small pot or slow-cooker and begin to heat wine. Squeeze the juice from half of the orange into the wine, and toss in the remaining orange rounds and the cinnamon stick. Add honey or simple syrup. Tie up a cheesecloth bundle of cloves, cardamom pods, and raisins, and add that to the pot.
Heat the wine gently but do not let it simmer or boil. (Simmering the wine would cook off the alcohol and make it taste cooked, too.) Taste the wine as you go, and when you like the level of spice, pull the bundle from the pot. For me, that’s 30-45 minutes, but your taste (and the freshness of your spices) might vary. The cinnamon can probably stay in longer, and you can leave the oranges in the wine all evening.
Feel free to add a little more syrup or honey to sweeten the wine to your taste. Serve in a wine glass or a mug, garnish with a small orange slice, and enjoy by the fire!

By lincolnpeak / 9:42 pm