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April 19, 2017

The future of this whole season is contained in tiny buds. In the photo above, the bud is that pale gray blob sticking out from the base of the upright spur. That bud holds the potential for 5-15 ft of new shoot and leaves, and 2-4 clusters of grapes. It contains all our spring and summer labor, plus the work of harvesting and pruning this fall and winter.

It’s no wonder, then, that we spend a lot of time in the spring looking at buds. Are they getting fuzzy? Are they swelling a bit? Are the breaking open? Has the first leaf emerged?

These things don’t happen at the same time each year. Everything depends on the weather– how warm, how sunny– and the patterns that emerge. Check out previous years’ comparison here >>

On this gray rainy day, some of the buds on the vines are starting to look a bit fuzzy (the first sign of action in the vineyard) but we’re still several sunny and warm days away from bud break. The vines have come through the winter in great shape. With pruning finished, Roxanne is tying up all the loose canes to the trellis wires (that’s the green tape you see in the photo below).

The black currants, on the other hand, have leafed out and look great. They’re ready for summer! And meanwhile in the winery, we’re getting ready to bottle a lot more of last fall’s excellent harvest. We just received 1,568 empty bottles today. With corks on their way next week, we’ll be busy bottling for a good many days.

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