Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

July 6, 2017

Vineyard manager Roxanne Smith leads ourĀ great crew through the vineyard each summer. For most of July and part of August, they work methodically, vine by vine, to untangle the shoots. They pull the shoots down toward the ground, revealing the grapes near the top, closest to the wire. They pull leaves from around the clusters and makes sure the sun shines on each one.

We call this “shoot positioning,” a bland term for a vital job. If we didn’t allow the sun to reach the grapes themselves, they wouldn’t ripen. It’s the sun that helps develop the grapes’ flavors and sugars, and helps to reduce the acidity in the juice. Without shoot positioning, our wouldn’t be worth making!

Here’s a “before” and “after” of their work. Click a thumbnail for a slideshow.

By lincolnpeak / 4:40 pm