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August 2, 2017

Marquette shows the first signs of turning its true color. A few pink berries appear, then a few more; they turn purple and a week later they’re darker still; finally by early September they’re an dark inky blue. Frontenac and our other red varieties are not far behind the Marquette. For the white grapes the change is more subtle: green turns to pale yellow and then gold (in the case of La Crescent).

Our crop looks great right now– right where we’d like it to be for early August– and well on its way to harvest in mid-September. Our crew is still hard at work freeing grape clusters from the shade of their own leaves (see last photos below). The crew will continue pulling a few more leaves to get the last few rays of sun directly to the grapes. Sun is the key to ripe flavors, fully developed sugars, and lower acidity in the grape juice for the best wine.

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By lincolnpeak / 6:09 pm