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August 19, 2017

Our wines won eight medals at the 9th annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition this year. Among them was a double gold for our Petite Pearl rosé, which we made for the first time last winter. It sold out last spring, so you’ll just have to wait till this winter to taste the next vintage!

Our soon-to-be-released Summit won a silver medal (we submitted it under the name Ridgeline, but have since changed its name to Summit). It is an un-oak-aged red wine made with Marquette grapes, and we can’t wait to introduce it to you.

  • Petite Pearl 2016: Double Gold (sold out)
  • Ragtime White 2016: Gold
  • Limestone 2016: Silver
  • Marquette 2016: Silver (not yet released)
  • Summit 2016 (aka “Ridgeline”): Silver (not yet released)
  • Black Sparrow 2016: Bronze
  • La Crescent 2016: Bronze
  • Marquette Nouveau 2016: Bronze (sold out)
By lincolnpeak / 4:37 pm