Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

November 7, 2017

The days dwindle early now. The leaves have fallen in the vineyard, but a few rows of grapes are still hanging to make ice wine. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for early cold! We need overnight temps in the mid-teens to harvest at about 17 degrees just before sunrise.

Chris is very busy in the winery. He’s watching and tasting all the wines like a first-time parent. After they’ve spent many weeks on the lees, he’s racking some wines (transferring from one tank to another, leaving sediment behind). He’s starting on some blends and doing the pre-bottling work on others. We bottled Nouveau ’17 today, in preparation for Marquette Fest release party on the 18th, and the Cassis, which we’ll release in the next few weeks. All of this is very exciting but not terribly photogenic, so I give you some pretty pictures of autumn instead :).

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By lincolnpeak / 4:34 pm