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March 14, 2018

(video above)  The first bottle of Petite Pearl was livelier than expected!

We disgorged three batches of Pét-Nat today— La Crescent, Petite Pearl, and our Black Sparrow blend. The two whites were well-behaved, but the rosé, well, watch out! After this one in the video, we worked out a disgorging technique that kept more of the wine in each bottle ;).

When we popped the caps, we discovered three delightfully different sparklers. Pét-Nat (short for Pétillant Naturel which means “naturally sparkling”) is a kind of sparkling wine made by bottling wines in the midst of their first fermentation.

These wines accumulate a plug of sediment that should be removed (“disgorged”). There’s so much pressure built up in each bottle that the plug get blown out the instant we pop the cap off. Then, we top up each bottle, re-cap it, and clean it up to prepare for labeling. Read the full fermentation explanation from one year ago >>

>> Stay tuned for the release of these wines in early summer.

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