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Pet Nat bottleApril 28, 2018

We’ve just released 3 batches of our 2017 Petillant Naturel for your bubbly enjoyment! This delightful sparkling wine is fresh, alive, and lightly fizzy. Learn more in my posts from this year and from last year.

Batch A:  Rich peach and pear notes with a touch of sweetness
variety: La Crescent

Batch B:  Deep red fruit flavors, dry with a lively sparkle
variety: Petite Pearl
** THIS BATCH IS ESPECIALLY ENERGETIC. Please open your bottle in a mixing bowl to catch any overflow, so it doesn’t go to waste or stain your rug. 

Batch C:  Classic dry sparkling wine with crisp toasty flavors
varieties: Louise Swenson, Prairie Star, and Adalmiina (our Black Sparrow blend)

Bottles: $29.99
3-Pack: save $10 on one bottle of each batch

We recommend storing this wine in a cool place– fridge or cold basement.

Update 5/1:
YES we still have a few bottles remaining. To purchase your very own, please stop by the vineyard or give us a call at (802)-388-7368.

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