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Feb 15, 2019

On his wine blog The Cork Report, wine writer Lenn Thompson recently profiled Chris as a “tastemaker.” Lenn wrote:

His Marquette was the first example I ever tasted several years ago…  It was a Lincoln Peak Marquette that intrigued me and opened my eyes to what the cold-climate Minnesota hybrids could be – that being uniquely delicious.


Chris isn’t on Instagram. I don’t think he’s on Facebook. Vermont wine is getting more attention today than it ever has – but Chris doesn’t get enough of that press. He doesn’t chase it. He’s a thoughtful, hard-working fruit farmer at heart who is also making some of the best cold-climate wine in the world. He is absolutely a tastemaker and it is my pleasure to write about him here.

Thanks for your kind words, Lenn!  Read the whole post >>

By lincolnpeak / 6:25 pm