Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

About Us

After almost 25 years of growing pick-your-own strawberries on the farm, the Granstrom family began planting cold-hardy grapevines in 2001. Winegrape varieties that survive happily through Vermont winters were relatively new and interest was growing quickly. Lincoln Peak began as a vineyard and nursery, and we grew and sold many plants that are now growing throughout Vermont and the Midwest.

Our vines now cover 12 acres on our farm, and we’ve converted the strawberry stand to a winery. We make delicious wine from the grapes on our land. All of our wines are made with 100% Vermont grapes. The whole family is still involved; meet us and our staff below.

The folks at Lincoln Peak

lincoln-peak-vineyard-owner-chris-granstromChris Granstrom – owner & winemaker

Chris has been farming in Vermont’s Champlain Valley for more than 30 years. After growing apples and strawberries, Chris decided to specialize in growing cold-hardy grape varieties from Elmer Swenson and the University of Minnesota. The Vermont winery soon followed the grapevine nursery. Chris has had great success with these grapes and is thrilled to welcome visitors to Lincoln Peak Vineyard to taste his Vermont wines.

michaela-granstrom-owner-lincoln-peak-vineyardMichael Granstrom – owner & artistic visionary

Michaela says she didn’t know what she was getting into when she married a farmer. She was an art teacher – and still is – but life on the farm means that when summer rolls around, she jumps right into work in the vineyard. Michaela and Chris have raised two daughters on the farm. You can see Michaela’s artistic influence in the tasting room– be sure to check out the floor when you visit.


Erich Marn – vineyard & winery

Erich works in every aspect of the vineyard and winery, from pruning to winemaking. He’s been an indispensable asset to the farm for several years. In his free time he takes care of his own vineyard in northern Vermont!


Sara Granstrom – vineyard & tasting room

After venturing out in other parts of the world (some distant, some not), Sara is back working in the family business again and couldn’t be happier. The best part is getting to work outside in the vineyard, in the winery, and chat with customers in the tasting room in the same day.