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December 6, 2018

Since we’ve gotten so many inquiries, we’ve decided to re-post Sara’s popular mulled wine recipe. Enjoy!

1 bottle of Ragtime Red honey or simple syrup to taste (start with ¼ cup) 1 orange, sliced into rounds 1 whole cinnamon stick (about 3″ long) 4-6 whole cloves 2-3 whole cardamom pods a small square of cheesecloth and string


Pour wine into a small pot or slow-cooker and begin to gently heat . Read More »

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November 16, 2018

Choosing the Best Wines for your Holiday Meals

Appetizers – have you been holding on to a bottle of our “Sparkle” Pét-nat? If so, now is time to pop it open! Sparkling wines are a great way to kick off the celebration and pair beautifully with light appetizers. Our semi-sweet Ragtime White and Ragtime Red are ideal compliments to cheese and charcuterie boards.

The “traditional” main meal – for many, big . Read More »

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November 1, 2018

We are releasing our 2018 Marquette Nouveau on Saturday, November 17, 2018!

What makes this fresh and fruity wine so interesting? Our Marquette Nouveau is made in a style similar to that of the famous Beaujolais Nouveau of France where they employ a technique called “carbonic maceration” to ferment the grapes. We have been using this technique to make our own Nouveau for three years and we are continuously happy with the . Read More »

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October 2018 spotlight: Marquette

 This month:  4-pack for $48
(Full case: $144)
Growler refill: $11.99 
A rich dark dry red wine with notes of black currant, black cherry, and a lingering spice. With smooth tannins, Marquette is delicious with hearty meals like lasagne Bolognese, pasta with wild mushrooms, thick stew, or a red lentil burger. Let Marquette breathe well before . Read More »

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Sept 28, 2018

We finished picking yesterday the last few clusters of an excellent year of grapes. Big thanks to our wonderful harvest crew who picked every one of this year’s 61,410 pounds of grapes by hand. We’re very pleased with the crop this year. And Rhiannon and Ryan are pleased to have picked up the last bins of 2018, as you can see in the photo above :).

Click a thumbnail for the slideshow . Read More »

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September 2018 spotlight: La Crescent

This month: 4-pack for $44
(Full case: $132)
Growler refill: $10.99
A zippy semi-dry white wine with vibrant flavors of citrus and apricot. The La Crescent grape’s characteristic boldness makes it a great partner with boldly flavorful dishes like poached salmon with lemon, roast chicken with sage and white . Read More »

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Guess how many pounds of grapes we’ll harvest this year… The closest guesser wins a $35 gift certificate to LPV!

All guesses must be in by 5:00 pm on Tue, Sept 4, 2018. (Update: guessing is now closed for 2018. See all guesses below.) — To enter, you may comment on facebook or instagram, email me, or stop by the tasting room (see hint below). — We will post an . Read More »

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Aug 23, 2018

Our beloved Somerset Seedless table grapes are ready. These are, hands down, the tastiest table grapes you’ll ever eat. If you’ve only ever had grapes from the grocery store, you’re in for a treat. Sweet and tangy, bursting with flavor, bright and refreshing.

And they’re only around for a short time– a couple of weeks. Don’t miss them, or you’ll wait twelve months!

$5/quart or $3/pint here at Lincoln Peak Vineyard and at Waitsfield . Read More »

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On two weekends only: Aug 11+12, Aug 25+26

Choose your three favorite wines for $33!

Excluding Farnsworth, Firelight, and Cassis.
This deal cannot be combined with other discounts.


The tasting room is open 11-5, or you can call us during these two weekends to take advantage of this deal to pick-up or ship: (802) 388-7368.
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August 6, 2018

The unsung heroes of delicious wine: our summer vineyard crew. This hardworking team untangles every last vine on the farm, removing excess growth and letting the sunlight in! You can see the Before/After pics below– if we didn’t do this work, the grapes would never see the sun. It’s direct sunlight that helps ripen the fruit, and ripe fruit that makes delicious wine. Without the crew’s work, our wine wouldn’t be half . Read More »

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