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Vineyard manager Roxanne Smith leads our great crew through the vineyard each summer. For most of July and part of August, they work methodically, vine by vine, to untangle the shoots. They pull the shoots down toward the ground, revealing the grapes near the top, closest to the wire. They pull leaves from around the clusters and makes sure the sun shines on each one.

We call this “shoot positioning,” a bland term for a vital . Read More »

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July spotlight: Ragtime Red

 This month:  4-pack for $44
(Full case: $132)
Growler refill: $10.99 
A velvety semi-sweet red wine, fruity and smooth with bass notes of ripe blackberries and sweet dark plums. We serve it chilled, but that’s up to you. Ragtime Red is great for sipping on its own. It’s also delicious with meals like barbecue, spicy sausage, and . Read More »

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With earth and sky in every glass, Lincoln Peak wines are truly a taste of this place– our particular hilltop, the hands and hard work of our vineyard crew all summer, Chris’s gentle touch in the winery, and, of course, the Champlain Valley of Vermont. This photo reminded me of a short piece of verse that he wrote when he started making wine ten years ago.

The soul of the sun And the . Read More »

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May 31, 2017

Roxanne and the crew have finished shoot thinning the vineyard. All this recent rain has meant lots of growth for the young shoots. They’re racing each other toward the sun, as the bases harden off at the nodes and the shoots strengthen. In just a few more weeks, they’ll be long enough that they’re starting to droop and they’ll be strong enough that we can move them around. Then, we’ll begin . Read More »

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Our grapevines always produce more shoots than they can handle. If we left the shoots alone, the vines would struggle to ripen the too-heavy load of grapes. We bring each vine back into balance by removing some of the shoots in the spring, when they’re still tender enough to be flicked off with a finger. It’s a beautiful time of year in the vineyard!

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May 3, 2017

I wrote two weeks ago that the buds were still holding tight. We’ve had some sun and a few warm days since then, and they’re starting to push up and out. The La Crescent are always the prettiest– a rainbow of colors across each tiny curled leaf. Now we keep our fingers crossed through the rest of frost season!


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April 19, 2017

The future of this whole season is contained in tiny buds. In the photo above, the bud is that pale gray blob sticking out from the base of the upright spur. That bud holds the potential for 5-15 ft of new shoot and leaves, and 2-4 clusters of grapes. It contains all our spring and summer labor, plus the work of harvesting and pruning this fall and winter.

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(See photo slideshow of the disgorging process below.)

We spent our afternoon popping bottles of unpredictably fizzy wine, and getting covered head to toe. I was smiling so broadly when I did my first one, I got a mouthful of foamy wine. I didn’t mind at all!


Pét-Nat is a type of sparkling wine— fresh, alive, and lightly fizzy. It’s short for Pétillant Naturel, which means “naturally sparkling.” Last fall, we decided to give it . Read More »

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Tongues are wagging and confusion abounds. I’m here to set the neighborhood gossip to rest:  we’re NOT building on the corner of Rte 7 and River Rd.


We’re excited to have Silver Maple Construction as new neighbors on the corner. They bought the property last year, and the new building you see is their workshop. (Their offices are in the farmhouse.) Our vineyard wraps the corner property like an L.


Though perhaps you were hoping . Read More »

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