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Marquette 2013 bottles - library release

October 2017 spotlight: Marquette

 This month:  4-pack for $48
(Full case: $144)
Growler refill: $11.99 
A rich dark dry red wine with notes of black currant, black cherry, and a lingering spice. With smooth tannins, Marquette is delicious with hearty meals like lasagne Bolognese, pasta with wild mushrooms, thick stew, or a red lentil burger. Let Marquette breathe well before . Read More »

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September 2017 Spotlight: Limestone

 This month:  $9.99/ea
Just announced: Limestone wins SILVER
at 2017 International Cold Climate Wine Competition!


A bold and brisk dry white wine with mineral undertones and mouthwatering notes of lemon zest and ripe pears. Finishing with a great zing, Limestone is perfect with food like a creamy lobster roll, potato salad and . Read More »

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Aug 28, 2017

Our beloved Somerset Seedless table grapes are ready. These are, hands down, the tastiest table grapes you’ll ever eat. If you’ve only ever had grapes from the grocery store, you’re in for a treat. Sweet and tangy, bursting with flavor, bright and refreshing.

And they’re only around for a short time– a week or so. Don’t miss them, or you’ll wait twelve months!

$5/quart or $3/pint here at Lincoln Peak Vineyard and at Waitsfield . Read More »

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August 19, 2017

Our wines won eight medals at the 9th annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition this year. Among them was a double gold for our Petite Pearl rosé, which we made for the first time last winter. It sold out last spring, so you’ll just have to wait till this winter to taste the next vintage!

Our soon-to-be-released Summit won a silver medal (we submitted it under the name Ridgeline, but have since . Read More »

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Aug 18, 2017

Just announced: Lincoln Peak Ragtime White ’16 has won GOLD at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Winemaker Chris Granstrom is particularly pleased about this vintage. He’s been saying that 2016 is our best Ragtime White vintage since we released it in the spring. And I guess the judges agree!

Happily for you, Ragtime White also happens to be our featured wine for August.

. Read More »

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August 2017 spotlight: Ragtime White

 This month:  4-pack for $44
(Full case: $132)
Growler refill: $10.99 
**8/18/17** Just announced: Ragtime White wins GOLD
at International Cold Climate Wine Competition!
A bold sweet white wine with rich notes of apricot and juicy peach. Ragtime White is delicious on its own. Pour a glass, put up your . Read More »

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July 2017 spotlight: Ragtime Red

 This month:  4-pack for $44
(Full case: $132)
Growler refill: $10.99 
A velvety semi-sweet red wine, fruity and smooth with bass notes of ripe blackberries and sweet dark plums. We serve it chilled, but that’s up to you. Ragtime Red is great for sipping on its own. It’s also delicious with meals like barbecue, spicy sausage, . Read More »

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June 22, 2017

With earth and sky in every glass, Lincoln Peak wines are truly a taste of this place– our particular hilltop, the hands and hard work of our vineyard crew all summer, Chris’s gentle touch in the winery, and, of course, the Champlain Valley of Vermont. This photo reminded me of a short piece of verse that he wrote when he started making wine ten years ago.

The soul of the . Read More »

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Feb 6, 2017

Tongues are wagging and confusion abounds. I’m here to set the neighborhood gossip to rest:  we’re NOT building on the corner of Rte 7 and River Rd.


We’re excited to have Silver Maple Construction as new neighbors on the corner. They bought the property last year, and the new building you see is their workshop. (Their offices are in the farmhouse.) Our vineyard wraps the corner property like an L.


Though perhaps . Read More »

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Jan 25, 2017

Sometimes, the beauty of the natural world doesn’t wait for you to stop and notice– it blasts your eyes, just to make sure you see. Yes, this moment (above) really happened on the 25th of January when ice coated every tendril and twig, and suddenly the sun broke free of the clouds. For similar fireworks for your taste buds, I hope you’ll join us for Wine & Chocolate Weekend.

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