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We have about 12 acres of vines, and each one needs significant pruning every winter. Every shoot that grew last year must be cut back to the first bud. Our vineyard manager Roxanne Smith does the majority of this work by herself. She’s obviously our rock star.


In addition to all of this regular pruning (called “spur pruning,” because a little spur is left of each shoot), Roxanne take every opportunity to rejuvenate the vines. . Read More »

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Sometimes, the beauty of the natural world doesn’t wait for you to stop and notice– it blasts your eyes, just to make sure you see. Yes, this moment (above) really happened on the 25th of January when ice coated every tendril and twig, and suddenly the sun broke free of the clouds. For similar fireworks for your taste buds, I hope you’ll join us for Wine & Chocolate Weekend.

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We spent several days picking Frontenac Blanc, Frontenac Gris, and Frontenac grapes– the whole crazy family. These grapes are always the last of our harvest. We’re all dragging a little by the time we get there, but the Frontenacs this year were such good picking that our crew flew through the final days. And we’re done!!


The 2016 Grape-ometer Grand Total… drum roll…

125,043 lbs

Congratulations to Andrew B, whose guess of 125,200 lbs was . Read More »

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Our La Crescent crop knocked our socks off! This year’s La Crescent was extraordinary– both quantity and quality. Our harvest crew worked hard and picked fast to bring in the fruit and bring our Grape-ometer to 103,854 lbs (including all grapes picked so far this year).


News of the beyond-belief beautiful bumper crop in Vermont was picked up by the AP and carried from the Burlington Free Press to the Seattle Times to New . Read More »

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Our phenomenal harvest crew picked Marquette all last week, along with a few other red varieties. And some dedicated volunteers helped us start the La Crescent harvest during our Community Harvest on Thursday evening. All together, the grape-ometer jumped to 52,354 pounds last week. We start picking La Crescent in earnest tomorrow…

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Our 2016 harvest got underway on Sept 8 with Louise Swenson, Prairie Star, and Adalmiina. These three varieties make our Black Sparrow, and they’re ready about a week earlier than the other grapes. We picked 10,967 pounds of these three grapes combined, and with that the 2016 Grape-ometer started ticking.

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I invited you to guess how many pounds of grapes we’ll harvest this fall (see here >>). The closest guesser will win a $35 gift certificate to Lincoln Peak Vineyard at the end of harvest.


Throughout this fall’s harvest, I’ll update you here on the blog with our progress. Stay tuned!


The guesses:

Rebecca B 550 John T 1,800 Deana N 2,500 Leslie M 8,200 Peggy P 30,000 Barbara H 30,000 Melinda . Read More »

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Guess how many pounds of grapes we’ll harvest this year…

The closest guesser wins a $35 gift certificate to LPV!


— To enter, you may post to facebook, to instagram, email me, or stop by the tasting room.

— All guesses must be in by 5:00 pm on Saturday, Sept 17, 2016.

— I will post an official list of guesses so you can see the field.

— I will . Read More »

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Harvest is oh-so-close. As I walk through the vineyard eating grapes, I can taste the transition from spit-it-out-sour to sweet-tart.

In that transition, the flavors of each variety also develop. I can now taste the apricot flavor of La Crescent, and the difference from the green apple flavor of Adalmiina is deliciously clear. Harvest is nigh!

In preparation, Roxanne is cleaning the winery top to bottom. And we bought a new wine tank, #15. When . Read More »

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The black currants are ripe! As fresh fruit, they’re a little bit of an acquired taste– tangy, earthy, not too sweet. As Cassis wine, they’re absolutely delicious– a robust sweet/tart balance of fruitiness and richness, equally tasty on top of vanilla ice cream and with flour-less chocolate cake.


My favorite summertime way to enjoy Cassis is mixed with Black Sparrow in our Vermont Kir. Kir (“keer”), a traditional French wine cocktail of black currant . Read More »

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