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We wrapped up a good harvest of our red grapes– mostly Marquette and Farnsworth– and winemaking is underway! Here are a few photos from our vineyard days:

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Hi Folks: There are some big changes coming at Lincoln Peak Vineyard next year and we want to tell you about them. After 11 years of making and selling a nice variety of wines, winning awards, building a solid group of customers– you!– who have supported us, we’ve decided to take the business in a new direction.

We’re going to specialize in growing a smaller number of grape varieties and making a smaller number of . Read More »

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June 24, 2019

Marquette is in bloom! The tiny flowers aren’t much to look at— no petals to speak of. The bud cover opens from the bottom, and peels off like a little hat (like the one at the left of the photo above). Grapes are wind pollinated, and all the grapes we’ll harvest this fall are getting their start right now. Also, Chris and crew have just planted several new rows of the grape . Read More »

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Sept 28, 2018

We finished picking yesterday the last few clusters of an excellent year of grapes. Big thanks to our wonderful harvest crew who picked every one of this year’s 61,410 pounds of grapes by hand. We’re very pleased with the crop this year. And Rhiannon and Ryan are pleased to have picked up the last bins of 2018, as you can see in the photo above :).

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Guess how many pounds of grapes we’ll harvest this year… The closest guesser wins a $35 gift certificate to LPV!

All guesses must be in by 5:00 pm on Tue, Sept 4, 2018. (Update: guessing is now closed for 2018. See all guesses below.) — To enter, you may comment on facebook or instagram, email me, or stop by the tasting room (see hint below). — We will post an . Read More »

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Aug 23, 2018

Our beloved Somerset Seedless table grapes are ready. These are, hands down, the tastiest table grapes you’ll ever eat. If you’ve only ever had grapes from the grocery store, you’re in for a treat. Sweet and tangy, bursting with flavor, bright and refreshing.

And they’re only around for a short time– a couple of weeks. Don’t miss them, or you’ll wait twelve months!

$5/quart or $3/pint here at Lincoln Peak Vineyard and at Waitsfield . Read More »

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August 6, 2018

The unsung heroes of delicious wine: our summer vineyard crew. This hardworking team untangles every last vine on the farm, removing excess growth and letting the sunlight in! You can see the Before/After pics below– if we didn’t do this work, the grapes would never see the sun. It’s direct sunlight that helps ripen the fruit, and ripe fruit that makes delicious wine. Without the crew’s work, our wine wouldn’t be half . Read More »

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August 8, 2018

Veraison. This is the term given to the phase when grapes begin to change color, soften, accumulate sugars, and metabolize acids. It seems to sneak up on us every year. As these first signs of ripening appear, we begin texting photos to our fellow VT winegrowers to see if they’re seeing the same signs in their vineyards. It has been an uncharacteristically hot and dry summer and we are seeing . Read More »

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June 12, 2018

Bloom! Marquette and La Crescent are making berries. Grapes are pollinated by wind, and today is perfectly sunny and breezy for the pollen to travel. In these close-ups, you can see the caps opening from the bottom of each bud (like little green hats) and popping off to reveal the flower. Grapevine flowers don’t have petals to speak of (at least none that I’ve found) and they don’t look like much, but . Read More »

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May 8, 2018

We’re hiring both for our tasting room and our vineyard crew this spring! See both jobs below.

Tasting Room Staff – hiring now for 2018

Come learn about new wine and share new wine with new people. Lincoln Peak Vineyard is looking for someone with solid customer service experience for our tasting room for the 2018 season.

The right candidate:

has a positive attitude is cheerful and chatty with customers has a . Read More »

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