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(See photo slideshow of the disgorging process below.)

We spent our afternoon popping bottles of unpredictably fizzy wine, and getting covered head to toe. I was smiling so broadly when I did my first one, I got a mouthful of foamy wine. I didn’t mind at all!


Pét-Nat is a type of sparkling wine— fresh, alive, and lightly fizzy. It’s short for Pétillant Naturel, which means “naturally sparkling.” Last fall, we decided to give it . Read More »

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We’re releasing a brand-new wine in May. This dark red wine has smooth tannins and deep flavors of berries and herbs. We went to the history books for a name for this wine. Well, one history book in particular: the history of our town of New Haven back to its charter in 1761.

We name this wine in honor of the Farnsworth family, who farmed this land from 1816 to 1919. They would never have imagined that . Read More »

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Late October finds us working in the winery and enjoying– just like all our visitors– Vermont’s fall foliage around the vineyard. In the winery, the Marquette we harvest this fall has finished fermentation. Chris and Roxanne are filling our oak barrels to age the wine till next year.

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Judges at the 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC) confirmed what you already know– Marquette is delicious! Lincoln Peak Vineyard’s 2013 Marquette won Best-in-Show Red Wine at the ICCWC, held August 18 at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul.

In addition, our wines won these medals: Marquette 2013 – Best-in-Show Red & Gold Medal Ragtime White 2014 – Gold Medal Limestone 2014 – Silver Medal La Crescent 2014 – Silver Medal (soon to . Read More »

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In the winery, Chris is putting the final touches on 2014 wines. We’re tasting tank samples and creating our blends. Though you can’t tell it from their serious tasting faces, we couldn’t be more excited about this vintage. Stay tuned for a cellar tasting sneak previous next month!

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Winery at Lincoln Peak Vineyard

The grapes we harvested last fall are now wine, of course, and still in tanks in our winery. To prepare the wine for bottling in the spring, we filter the wine to remove leftover yeast from fermentation and tiny bits of grape skins still floating around. The wine should be sparkly clear in your glass in just a few more months!

At right is a photo of Chris using our “plate and frame” filter for Heartwood, . Read More »

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During the night leading into Dec 2, it got cold enough for us to pick ice wine grapes. Sixteen to eighteen degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for ice wine grapes– frozen enough that much of the natural water is in solid form (ice!) in each grape, but not frozen too solid, so we can still press them. Four of us– Chris, Nathan, Roxanne, and I– started well before sunrise and harvested over 700 pounds . Read More »

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Our wines won two double-gold medals at the International Cold-Climate Wine Competition this year. Three cheers for Black Sparrow and Ragtime White! We’re thrilled the judges tasted what you already know: these wines are delicious!

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Chris is moving all our 2013 Marquette wine from barrel to tank today, in preparation for bottling.  The wine has aged well for the past nine and a half months, and after we bottle, it will continue to age before release.  The wine holds a lot of promise– the fruit is rich and deep, and that characteristic Marquette spice is warm and smooth.

I wish a photograph could capture aroma, because the winery smells really good . Read More »

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