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Oct 11

Sunday, Oct 11, 2-5 pm


Come taste the brand-new 2014 Marquette! Grab a glass and a chunk of cheese, and enjoy tunes by the Gusakovs on the porch.


Marquette-clusters-150This vintage is ready– ready to seduce your taste buds, ready to have a place on your dinner table, ready to impress your wine snob cousin, ready to introduce Marquette wine to the world. The 2014 growing season had all the right elements for winegrapes in the Champlain Valley: ample sun, warm days, cool nights, and our fabulous vineyard crew that tended these vines by hand all year.


Winemaker Chris Granstrom keeps sneaking bottles of Marquette ’14 home to have with supper. And we can tell, because the next day he’s in a buoyant mood. This vintage is round, smooth, and deep, with layered notes of dark fruits– black currants, plums, black cherries– and a little black peppery spice.


Join us to celebrate with:


  –Free Wine Tasting
  –Case Discounts on Wine
  -Vineyard & Winery Tours
  -Chat with the Winemaker
  –Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese- taste, enjoy, shop
  -Live Music: Last Train to Zinkov (David Gusakov & Nate Gusakov)


With violin, viola, banjo, and vocals, David and Nathan Gusakov, father and son, create sparkling folk music that reflects their love of traditional Appalachian old-time, gypsy jazz, and swing, as well as their own Eastern European roots. (