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Nov 18
Sat, Nov 18, 2017
2-5 pm
We’ll be releasing and celebrating four Marquette wines:
  •  Marquette Nouveau ’17
  •  Summit ’16
  •  Marquette ’15
  •  Marquette ’13
These wines– each made in a different style in a different year– showcase the range and versatility of the Marquette grape. Join us for a special tasting with local cheese and sausage pairings, and for a chance to get your hands on both the new styles and the established favorites.


Four wines:


  • This is our 2nd year producing Marquette Nouveau. A fresh, young, and zesty, this light dry red wine style captures the juicy goodness of the new crop. Last year’s vintage was a huge hit. The New York Cork Report gave it 90 pts in this review.


  • We’re releasing Summit for the first time this year. Aged 12 months, Summit is different from our regular Marquette only because it is not aged in oak barrels. Without oak, the bright, pure flavor of the Marquette grapes shines through: fresh cherries, red currants, the sun of a Vermont summer.


  • Marquette ’15 is our delicious current release. A rich dark dry red wine with notes of black currant and black cherry, this wine is 2 years old, including 12 months in oak barrels.


  • We will be re-releasing a limited number of bottles of Marquette ’13 from our library. This wine won Best-in-Show Red Wine at the 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition. Now at 4 years old, it’s aging beautifully.


It’s free to attend the event. Tastings are $8, including a taste of your choice of 5 wines, local cheese & sausage pairings, and a souvenir wine glass.