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Feb 11

Come by on Saturday and Sunday, Feb 10 & 11, 12-5 pm. You can enjoy pairing samples of wine and chocolate, and then treat a special someone to a few chocolates and a glass of wine by the wood stove. You can also buy the pairings to take home— the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or indulgence.


2018 Featured Pairings:

  • La Crescent with Daily Chocolate‘s Delightful Bars. The coconut confection brings out the tropical fruit and zippy citrus notes in the wine– a sunny day at the beach to brighten your mid-winter blues.


  • Summit with Middlebury Chocolates70% Guatemala bar. This deep dark chocolate has a lovely tang that balances the fruitiness of our un-oaked Marquette wine– an intriguing take on a classic pairing.


  • Farmhouse Chocolates truffle pairing is yet to be determined. We’ll be tasting possibilities (what a hard job!) and will announce it soon.


Each year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the deliciousness that is wine & chocolate. We serve pairings that feature Lincoln Peak wines with chocolates from producers around Addison County. Our event at Lincoln Peak Vineyard is part of a state-wide event organized by the Vermont Grape and Wine Council.