Lincoln Peak Vineyard - Wine from our own vineyard:  blossom to bottle!

Our Family

Chris Granstrom

I never planned to spend my life in agriculture, but after working on a dairy farm between school years at Middlebury College, I was pretty sure the farming life was for me.  I worked on apple orchards after graduation, and then in 1980, Michaela and I bought our land in New Haven.  I started an apple tree nursery and then a pick-your-own strawberry farm.  After nearly 25 years of growing strawberries, I heard about new varietals of winegrapes that are hardy enough for Vermont winters and starting planting vines in 2001.  The vineyard story picks up here.

Sara Granstrom

I grew up with dirt under my fingernails, helping in every way I could as a child when we grew strawberries. After graduating from college and working in other businesses and on other farms, I returned to our family business in 2010 to work with Chris.

I love my work for its variety—farming, of course, but also helping to make wine, meeting interesting visitors in our tasting room, and having an outlet for my love of photography, too (almost all of these photos are mine). I wouldn’t trade for anything this opportunity to collaborate with my dad.

Michaela Granstrom

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I married a farmer. I was an elementary art teacher– and still am– but life in this business means that when summer rolls around, I jump behind the bar and pour wine for events at the winery. I also enjoy bringing my artistic sense to the tasting room– be sure to check out the floor when you visit.