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Wine Club FAQ

Why is your wine club starting in spring 2020?

Our previous wine club began in 2016 and continues through 2019. The final release was in October 2019. Starting in 2020, our wine club– and winery– will undergo some big and exciting changes (read more >>). Our wines will be available mostly just through wine club (retail hours will be very limited). Join our wine club to enjoy winemaker Chris Granstrom’s limited-release dry red wines in 2020 and beyond!


I just joined.  When can I pick up my first release?

You can pick up your first club share during our retail hours (limited hours starting in 2020) if wines from the previous release are still available. (For example, if you join in July, you can still receive the spring release.)

We host pick-up parties in spring, fall, and early winter. If you’re unable to attend those events or if you’ve joined during a different time of year, please be in touch with us to arrange a different time to pick up your wine.


When do my membership benefits begin?

You receive free wine tastings starting the day you join. You’ll receive your club level discount on additional purchases once your card has been charged for your first club share.


How long is the club membership?

Your wine club membership will continue until we hear from you in writing or via email. Cancellations must be communicated in writing at least 30 days prior to the next release. You may not skip a share, but we are happy to hold one for you if you’re unable to pick it up right away or ship at a later date.


How does cancellation work?

You may cancel anytime after you’ve received three club shares (one year). Cancellations must be sent at least 30 days prior to the next release. If you cancel before you’ve receive three club shares, your card will be charged the difference between the retail price and the discounted price for all wine you’ve received with your club discount.


Can I change club levels?

Yes, you can change between 6, 12, and 24 club levels. We need to know before your card is run for an upcoming club shipment, so please email us at <[email protected]> at least 5 days before the next release to make changes.


Can I customize my club shipment?

No, I’m afraid our club software doesn’t allow customization. However, your club discount also applies to additional wine purchases, so as long as we have it available, you’re welcome to purchase more of your favorites.


May I order wines outside of club shipments, or re-order wines that were in a club share?

Yes. We will be open for retail sales on a limited schedule starting in 2020. We will be updating our occasional open hours on our website throughout the 2020 season. Your current club discount level will apply to these purchases (except for library releases).


Can I give club membership as a gift?

Wine Club membership makes a great gift! If you’d like to give a gift, you may select how many wine club pick-ups (or shipments) you’d like to give, with a minimum of 3. Your recipient will receive invitations to our Wine Club parties to pick up their club wines. If you’d like us to ship the wine, please confirm a shipping address with the recipient where an adult is available to sign for the package at delivery (see shipping info below).


May I order wines as a gift?

Yes! Club members will receive their club level savings on all orders, including gifts (excluding library releases).  If you would like us to include a handwritten card with a gift order, let us know what you’d like the card to say.


Can you ship to me?

We can ship to all states except AL, DE, KY, MS, OK, PA, SD, TN, UT, & VT. We don’t currently ship within Vermont. Shipping charges do apply– please ask us.


What should I use as my shipping address?

Alcohol shipments require an adult signature and cannot be left at your door. We strongly recommend shipping to a work address since an adult must sign for the package at delivery. We can also ship to your local FedEx location, Walgreens, or other FedEx partner groceries and pharmacies where they’ll hold your package for 5 days for you to pick up.


I’m traveling when my shipment is supposed to arrive; can I delay the shipment?

Yes. Please let us know at least 3 weeks before the scheduled club shipment for when you would like your wine to ship. Your card authorization will be run at the same time as all club members.


How do I change my shipping address?

Go to your account page, log in (or click “recover my password” if this is your first log-in), click Club Memberships, scroll down and click “No, I need to make changes.” Or you can email us at <[email protected]>.


How do I see my wine cub receipts?

Go to your account page, log in (or click “recover my password” if this is your first log-in), and click Order History.


How do I update my credit card?

Go to your account page, log in (or click “recover my password” if this is your first log-in), click Club Memberships, scroll down and click “No, I need to make changes.” In the Payment Info section, click the drop-down menu and select “Add/Update Card.” Don’t forget to click Save Changes.


How is my credit card information protected?

For absolute protection of your customer card data, we outsource all storage and processing to Stripe; a highly secure, respected, and well known payment processor. No card data exists anywhere on Lincoln Peak Vineyard servers or on the servers of our club management software VineSpring. This means if your account (or our servers) are ever compromised, there will be no cards for the attacker to steal.

When cards are saved to a customer profile, they are sent immediately (and securely) to Stripe for processing and storage. In exchange, Stripe sends back a numeric token for the card. These tokens can only be used by Lincoln Peak Vineyard, so they are useless to an attacker.


I have another question. How do I contact you?

Please email us at <[email protected]>. We’ll be glad to talk with you!